As the sun takes centre stage in our energy landscape, harnessing its power through solar is a smart decision. However, the key to a successful solar journey lies in choosing the right local installer. We walk you through the right steps to evaluate your solar installers and quotes, ensuring you make the best decision.

How can I read my solar quotes?

Certification and accreditation

First things first, confirm that your potential installer is accredited, licenced and insured. When it comes to accreditation in particular, make sure your potential installer has the necessary training to design and install a reliable and safe solar system. Your chosen installer should be Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited. This certification is the hallmark of best practice standards, giving you peace of mind that you’re in the right hands.

At Quantum Solar, we are specialists in the design, supply and install of residential and commercial solar systems. We are proud members of the Clean Energy Council and we’re CEC Approved Solar Retailers and Installers.

Professional quote documentation

A professional, detailed quote is your roadmap to a successful solar installation. Make sure the quote you’ve been given includes a proposed system design, expected energy generation, warranty terms and an itemised list of components. This transparency is crucial for understanding what you’re investing in. It also gives you the opportunity to research the various components, such as your solar panel manufacturer.

Warranty terms

Carefully examine the warranty terms for each component of your solar system. While the potential installer may provide a workmanship warranty, individual products can come with their manufacturers’ warranties. Understanding these terms can give you clarity on what’s covered, just in case of an issue.

At Quantum Solar, our products are covered by the Australian Solar Warranty regulations. This means you are not only covered by us, but have the added assurance of our Australian suppliers warranties too.

In-person meeting

Before committing with any potential solar provider, meet with them in person. This is essential for building trust and ensuring that you’re comfortable working with them. A reputable installer will take the time to address your questions, explain the installation process, grid connection, metering and outline any post-installation support.

We outline what you can expect on your journey to solar with us here. You can also get to know more about post-installation solar support with us too.

Social proof

The best way to prove experience, is to look for social proof. Jump online and check out the potential suppliers website, Google reviews and social media platforms. This will show you their workmanship, and, give you a transparent view into how other customers have felt.


Choosing the right solar installer is crucial to the outcome of your system, and, your overall experience. Follow these points to prioritise accreditation, assess the quote, understand warranty terms, get a gut-feel (because, when has your gut ever lied to you?!), and validate the business with social proof. Take the time to work through this process to ensure your own peace of mind. Don’t forget, a reputable and qualified installer is the right partner to maximise your investment in solar!