With rising energy costs, volatile pricing and general inflation, the need for financial stability is growing stronger than ever before. So if you’ve recently asked yourself “Is it time to get solar?”, you’re not alone. By harnessing the power of sunlight, solar panels provide a stable and predictable energy source, reducing reliance on the grid, and shielding homeowners from soaring energy costs. Let’s look at the challenges of grid-based electricity, the benefits of solar power, and the role of energy storage, as a way to gain independence and stability for now, and into the future.

The problem: Reliance on the grid, volatile energy prices and inflation

Whether you rely solely, or heavily, on grid-based electricity, chances are your household budget is really feeling the pinch at the moment. With rising energy costs, volatile pricing and general inflation it’s hard to have any financial stability. And it’s this uncertainty surrounding energy prices that will continue to leave households vulnerable.

The solution

Solar power as a stable and predictable energy source

The best thing about solar power, is that it’s a reliable and consistent energy source. In it’s simplest terms, solar panels capture sunlight and convert this light into energy (for the full explanation, discover more here!). Sunlight is a completely renewable and steady resource, giving you total predictability in energy production. And yes, solar panels still work even in poor weather conditions (discover more myth-busting here!).

Reduce energy costs and shield from price fluctuations

Aside from being a win for the environment, the biggest benefit of solar power is that it provides significant financial benefits by reducing energy costs. Households with a solar system are able to offset or even eliminate their electricity bills! Plus, with feed-in tariffs, small-scale technology certificates (STCs), tax incentives, rebates and other incentives, there’s several additional ways to reduce costs even further. Get to know more about those topics here.

Gain energy independence to take control of your future

Whether it’s an on-grid, hybrid or off-grid system, solar power empowers households to take control of their energy sources. Find the right system to suit your needs, and enjoy your peace of mind.

The role of energy storage in enhancing independence

A hybrid solar system consists of panels, an inverter and a battery storage solution. Battery storage solutions capture and store your excess solar energy, so you can use it when you need it (instead of sending it back to the grid). This means that at night when your solar system is not producing power, you can use the battery to run your home, or in the event of a power outage, you have a source of backup power! Basically, a battery allows households to maximise self-consumption, reduce reliance on the grid even further, and ensure a continuous power supply. All while reducing energy costs more and more. Get to know more about the advantages of a battery storage system here.


So if you’re looking for independence and stability during such an unpredictable energy landscape, a solar system might just be the right investment for your future. By reducing reliance on the grid, households are able to shield themselves from volatile energy prices and achieve long-term cost savings. And, with energy storage too, you can further enhance your independence and resilience during such unstable times.

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