Ready to make the switch to solar power? Congratulations! With a variety of solar systems and sizes available, we know it can be a little overwhelming. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you toward the ideal solar power solution for your home or commercial property. Get started with these tips.

Check your energy bills

First things first, get to know your most recent energy bills. Your energy bills will highlight your average energy consumption, so you can better understand the size of the solar system you will need. Most energy bills will include a graph displaying your average energy consumption. Keep in mind that several factors influence your property’s energy bill, including the number of occupants and their daily habits. When it comes to your solar system upgrade, also keep in mind that your location and sunlight availability will impact your energy production too.

Consider energy efficiency measures

Now that you understand your average energy consumption, it’s also great to ask yourself whether you can improve upon your energy usage habits, too. By evaluating your energy usage habits, you could find ways in which to implement energy-saving measures like reducing energy usage during peak hours, optimising your heating or cooling temperatures, and, installing smart devices and LED lighting. We talk about easy ways to reduce your energy usage and save money, here.

Consider your future energy needs

Further, now that you have an understanding of your average energy consumption, it’s time to consider your future energy needs too. Do you anticipate changes in your household or business? Are you a growing or downsizing family? Is your business growing? Are you putting in a pool? Do you think you’ll switch to an electric vehicle in the future? It’s essential to consider all of these factors and more, before electing your system size.

Learn your peak sun hours

The location of your property will determine the peak hours of sunlight it receives. Get to know your peak sunlight hours to maximise the efficiency of your solar panels, and choose the most suitable system size. Use a quick online search to find a sun hours chart for your location.

Evaluate available roof space

The size and aspect of your roof will play a significant role in the design of your solar system. In Australia, a north-facing roof will usually generate the most energy. If you require a larger system for your energy needs, this may mean you’ll require more roof area for installation. Similarly, if space is limited, a more compact system might be the right consideration for you.

Consider overall system capacity

Naturally, most people seek to answer “How many solar panels do I need?”. But the number of solar panels required, is usually less relevant than the overall capacity of the system. Because more panels doesn’t necessarily translate to more energy. Focus on the capacity and performance of the system you require (remember, getting to know your average energy consumption from your most recent energy bills, helps to guide this figure).

Get to know everything you can about solar panels (FAQs)

With any significant investment, it’s normal to have questions, and seek clarity. We’ve pulled together some of the questions we get asked regularly, so you can start your journey with confidence. From understanding the compatibility of solar panels with your roof, to exploring maintenance, warranties and lifespan, we’ve got you covered here. And, from electricity forecasts, to excess energy, and the weather, we’ve got you covered on those extra questions here too.

Seek professional advice

Now that you have a better understanding of solar systems, it’s time to consult the professionals! We do this everyday. Our team of solar specialists is ready to assist you in selecting the correct size and style of system, so that you can truly maximise your solar investment. With our expertise, you can make an informed decision and move forward more confidently.

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