It’s no secret that the cost of living just keeps on increasing. So, whether you have a solar system or not, you may be looking around for extra ways to reduce your energy usage and save more money! If that sounds like you, we’ve got some really simple ideas to help you out.

Track your usage 

First things first, get to know your energy usage. There’s a couple of ways you can get an insight.

If you have a solar system, then most inverters come with software that allows you to see how much energy your solar panels are producing, and how much energy your home is consuming. If you don’t have a solar system (or even if you do, but you want additional insights), then most energy providers are offering tech-savvy apps that help you track your energy usage in real time. You can get to know your overall energy usage, your seasonal trends, and if you have a smart meter, get to know your usage per appliance type too! 

As they say, knowledge is power. So, by equipping yourself with information from your inverter or an app, you can understand when and how to consumer energy better. 

Reduce energy usage during peak times

Energy billing works on supply and demand. Just how Uber costs spike during peak demand times, so too does your energy. It may sound simple, but try to be mindful of unnecessary lighting, heating or cooling during the evening time. If possible, try to run your household appliances during the daytime as this is not considered a peak time (this is also recommended for those who have a solar system – make the most of the daylight hours where your panels are producing the most energy!). See if your energy provider rewards you for reducing your energy usage during peak times too, like Origin’s Spike.

Optimise the temperature

Heating or cooling? We’re all doing it! Just make sure you get the temperature just right. When cooling, set the temperature to 24 degrees (each degree under uses 5% more energy) and when heating aim for 18-20 degrees (each degree over 20 degrees used 10% more energy). It goes without saying, protect your man-made temperature and environment by keeping doors shut and curtains drawn.

Check out smart devices and LED bulbs

Take even more control of your energy usage, by enlisting smart devices for your home! From smart plugs, timers and remote AC controllers, you can turn unused items off without running around the whole house. 

Did you know that LED bulbs can save you up to 80% of energy, per bulb? And they have a longer life. Need we say more? 


While these ideas are in fact simple, every bit counts! See what tips suit your household, and don’t look back.