So you’ve gone solar – congratulations! Not only is this an applauded investment in sustainability, it’s also a smart investment for your future. To help you maximise the benefits of your solar system and accelerate your savings, we’ve compiled a list of nine actionable tips to help you get the most out of your investment. From energy-conscious habits to utilising incentives, these simple tips will help you harness the full potential of your solar system.

Remain economical

It’s easy to install a solar system and think that you’re automatically going to save a lot of money on energy. Installing a solar system is smart, but so are you! Remain economical and practice energy-conscious habits in your daily life, such as turning off lights and appliances when not in use, unplugging chargers, and using power strips to easily switch off multiple appliances. Long story short, don’t install a solar system and then start using a lot more energy!

Conduct an energy audit

When was the last time you performed a thorough energy audit of your home? Do you know the areas where energy efficiency can be improved? From heating and cooling, appliances, right down to lighting, little changes really can make a big difference. Conduct an audit like we’ve outlined here, so you can pinpoint areas to improve, and optimise your energy consumption!

Time your energy usage

Make the most of your solar power by timing your energy usage to coincide with peak sunlight hours. If you can, run energy-draining appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, during the daylight hours to maximise the utilisation of your solar power, rather than relying on the grid for power. We’ve got extra ways to reduce your energy usage and save more money here.

Optimise heating and cooling

Optimise your heating and cooling system by setting energy-efficient temperatures, and ensuring proper insulation. When cooling, set the temperature to 24 degrees (each degree under uses 5% more energy) and when heating aim for 18-20 degrees (each degree over 20 degrees used 10% more energy). It goes without saying, protect your man-made temperature and environment by keeping doors shut and curtains drawn.

Get to know your energy system monitor

Connect to, and take advantage of energy management software and system monitoring tools. These can allow you to track your system’s performance. By monitoring energy production and consumption in real-time, you can identify issues and make adjustments to optimise energy usage.

Monitor your inverter’s performance

Like any technology, there can be hiccups. Regularly check your inverter’s performance to ensure it is operating as it should. Any abnormalities or decline in performance should be addressed promptly to maintain optimal energy production. At Quantum Solar, we are always available to provide assistance should you need it.

Maintain and clean your solar panels

Solar panels are designed to be low-maintenance and require very little upkeep. But like anything worth having, it’s worth cleaning them and monitoring them every so often to ensure everything’s running smoothly.  Dirt, dust and debris can accumulate on the surface of the solar panels over time and reduce their efficiency. All you need to do is use a soft brush or cloth with mild detergent and give them a rinse with water every so often.

Consider energy storage

A battery storage solution captures your excess solar energy, making it the perfect addition to your existing solar system. Solar batteries take your solar system to the next level by offering the following advantages for you: 

  • System efficiency: By storing excess energy in a battery, rather than sending it back to the grid, you can reduce your amount of wasted energy, and use it in your home
  • Energy independence: Acting as a source to draw energy during the night-time, batteries help to reduce your reliance on the grid and therefore achieve greater energy independence for you 
  • Backup power: Stay connected to your own source of power during grid outages so you can avoid stress and disruptions to your household routines 
  • Sustainability impacts: By using more of the solar energy your system is generating for you, you can reduce your carbon footprint even more, and play a bigger part in a more sustainable future too 
  • Cost savings: By using your stored energy for longer and taking advantage of it during peak hours, you can save even more money on your energy bills! 

Get to know solar incentives and tariffs

Stay informed about solar incentives and feed-in tariffs in your area. Feed-in tariffs allow you to sell excess solar energy sent back to the grid. And, small-scale technology certificates (STCs) offer financial inventives for installing solar panels. You can find out more about feed-in tariffs here, and STCs here. By understanding and leveraging these incentives, you can really enhance your solar savings, or, return on investment!


By following these simple tips, you can accelerate your solar savings and optimise the benefits of your solar system. Just remember to stay energy-conscious, optimise your energy patterns, and maintain and monitor your system on a regular basis.