Not only do we have some of the best conditions in the world to harness the power of the sun, but the great thing about solar power in Australia, is that the government is often incentivising the uptake. One of the key incentives for solar system owners is the feed-in tariff program. Get to know how feed-in tariffs work and the benefits they offer to solar system owners in New South Wales and Queensland.

What’s a feed-in tariff?

A feed in tariff is a government-backed program that encourages the adoption of solar power by compensating solar system owners for the excess electricity they generate, and feed back into the grid. Essentially, solar system owners become electricity suppliers, contributing clean energy to the grid. This contribution earns a payment from your electricity provider. The amount payable by your electricity provider depends on the amount of electricity fed back into the grid, which also depends on the design and location of your solar system. In New South Wales and Queensland, residents may be eligible for an electricity feed-in tariff under the Energy Made Easy program.

How does it work?

Simply put, when you have a solar system installed on your property, it generates electricity from sunlight. Any excess and unused electricity is fed back into the grid and you are then paid a set rate for each kilowatt-hour of electricity that you export to the grid. The exact rate of the feed-in tariff depends on your state and is typically determined by the government or your electricity provider. We recommend researching with your local authorities or electricity provider to understand the specific rates that could be applicable to you and your area.

The benefits of feed-in tariffs

Financial incentives

By participating in the feed-in tariff program, you can earn money to help offset your electricity costs, and even provide additional income. It’s an attractive return on investment option for your research and consideration.

Contribution to energy security and independence

There’s nothing quite like giving back, and helping the wider community! With a feed-in tariff program, you can contribute to the overall reliability of the energy grid. During times of high solar power generation, your excess electricity can be used by others, reducing strain on the grid and enhancing a sense of security for the community.

Environmental impact

Feed-in tariffs and programs promote the use of clean, renewable energy sources like solar power. Overall, contributing to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. By generating electricity from a solar system, you are actively supporting a more sustainable future.


Feed-in tariffs and programs such as Energy Made Easy play a crucial role in incentivising the uptake of solar power in Australia. By adopting solar power and participating in a program such as this, solar system owners can not only reduce their energy bills or increase their return on investment, but they can also contribute to the community and a more sustainable future overall. If you are considering solar, it’s worth exploring the feed-in tariff options available in your area while consulting with your local solar provider, too. Want to get started? Call us on 1300 4 SOLAR.

Always conduct your own up-to-date research into incentives, such as feed-in tariffs, available in your area.