We’ve done a few blog entries about solar panels in previous months, but we thought it was worth collecting key information from the different discussions in one place as a way of answering some of the most common questions people have about solar panels.


Below, we’ll explain how solar panels work, the direction they should face (based on your location), solar panel installation, solar panel maintenance and the environmental benefits, as well as addressing the government solar panel rebate available in Australia.


How Do Solar Panels Work?


Solar panels work by converting the energy from sunlight into useable electricity. The light particles (photons) knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity in what is known as the photovoltaic effect. While most effective in direct sunlight, solar panels still work when there is cloud cover, using the reflected light.


Which Way Should They Face?


In Australia, since we are in the Southern Hemisphere, solar panels should ideally face north. When this isn’t possible, they can be faced east, west or both. The optimum angle for the panels will depend on what part of the country you are in. For example, the recommended angle in and around Brisbane is 27.5 degrees.


Are They Difficult to Install?


Solar panel technology has come a long way and residential solar panels are designed to be relatively easy to install. However, it’s still advised that consumers have solar panel installation done by professionals as a respected company like Quantum Solar will ensure that every aspect of the project is planned and carried out right.


What Maintenance Do They Require?


Many prospective owners will be surprised to learn that, once in place, solar panels require minimal looking after. Indeed, a yearly clean is often enough solar panel maintenance to ensure that the solar power system continues operating at its best. We can give you plenty of advice on the easiest way to clean your solar panels.


Why Are They Good for the Environment?


The more you use solar energy, the less you rely on electricity generated via the burning of fossil fuels. Not only does said burning release toxic gases into our atmosphere – contributing to the enormous problem of global warming – it also requires huge amounts of water. Solar energy doesn’t, and is a clean, “green” alternative.


Am I Eligible for a Government Rebate?


The short answer is yes, but the solar panel rebate you get will differ depending on your location as there are incentives offered by both the federal and state governments. The good news is that we can help you take full advantage of the assistance on offer.


Where Can I Get Solar Panels?


From Quantum Solar! Our expert team has provided custom-tailored solar systems for countless clients from Tweed Heads to Ballina – ranging from residential homes to commercial farms to council power plants. To discuss your specific requirements, call 1300 4 SOLAR or use the “rapid response form” located here to book a free assessment.


We’ll be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about solar panel installation, solar panel maintenance, receiving a solar panel rebate or anything else related to solar power.