Solar Panel Rebate: How it works

Many advantages come with opting for solar panels for your property or business including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and cutting costs on your power bills. But did you know, the Australian government also offers rebate style incentives for those property owners who decide to purchase a solar panel system?

A range of renewable power incentives have been put in place by both federal and state governments in an attempt to encourage Australians to choose more renewable energy sources. Below, the Tweed Heads team at Quantum Solar has put together a helpful summary explaining the government panel rebate options currently available.

What solar panel rebate options are available to me?

The renewable power incentives available to you will vary depending on where in Australia you are located. This is because many states will offer their own state government solar rebate schemes along with some federal options which are available Australia-wide.

Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme

Under this scheme, the federal government offers a small-scale technology certificate (STC) to both homeowners and small business owners who purchase solar panels or hot water systems. Eligibility requirements include that the solar system must be less than 100kw in size and installed by an approved professional.

The value you’ll receive from STCs will be dependent on how they are sold. For example, for those sold through an STC clearing house, a fixed price will be provided. Those sold through the open market could potentially end up with a higher or even lower price.

Essentially, the higher the STC price, the more ‘rebate’ you will get back. The value is always changing and was once as low as $17, however, recently it was around $38 per STC. This would then translate into a rebate of $525 per kW installed.

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Making the switch to solar power will leave you reaping a giant range of benefits. Not only will you be making a more sustainable choice and having a positive impact on our environment, but you will also get to enjoy an extensive range of long-term savings. Solar panel rebate schemes such as STCs are a huge incentive, while the ongoing power bill reductions will also leave a smile on your face. Learn more about our solar panel options here or for more information, be sure to get in touch with the experienced Tweed Heads team at Quantum Solar today. We service Tweed Heads and the surrounding regions including Bilambil, Kingscliff, Byron Bay and Ballina.