EV charging using solar power

More people in Australia are starting to make the switch to electronic vehicles powered by solar power for both economic and environmental reasons. With the many benefits that come with using electronic vehicles, this decision is not a surprise.

Many consumers think that EV charging may cause an increase in their electric bills, but this will not have to be the case for EV charging using solar power. For those curious to learn more about using solar power for EV charging, we are here to help. Below, our team from Quantum Solar in Tweed Heads has compiled a summary of the top things you need for EV charging using solar power.

Solar panels and EV charging

If you are looking to use solar power for EV charging, then quality solar panels will be essential. As you probably already know, solar panels are specialised devices used to collect and absorb energy from the sun. The number of solar panels to install on rooftops depends largely on your household needs. To provide enough power for your home or business and other needs such as EV charging, every property owner should ensure that the solar panels installed are efficient, durable and safe to use.

Solar inverters for EV charging

For a solar power system to work for EV charging, one of the most critical features is the solar inverters. Considered the heart of any solar power system, solar inverters are responsible for converting the solar energy collected by solar panels to electricity. Solar power systems come in different forms, and a solar power system specially designed for EV charging has a different setup. Installing a working set-up of solar inverters for EV charging is not for everyone, so hiring the help of professionals will be essential.

EV charging ports or stations

Common setups for EV charging include a solar inverter directly attached to the charging port to fuel electronic vehicles. However, there are other alternatives available on the market today, such as an all-in-one product that does the dual function of a solar inverter and a charging port. Some venues and businesses in Australia offer alternative and user-friendly EV charging stations, but having one installed in the luxury of your home makes EV charging easier and more accessible.

How Quantum Solar can help

Going green by using renewable sources of energy for EV charging does not have to be hard. When it comes to EV charging ports installation, Quantum Solar in Tweed Heads should be your top choice. For all your solar power and EV charging installation needs, you can get in touch with our friendly team in Tweed Heads today or visit our website for a full range of our installation options and services.