With solar on the rise and Aussies moving households more than ever, chances are you’ll move into a home with an existing solar system. But what if you’re completely new to the world of solar living? We’ve put together some tips for moving into a home with existing solar so you can harness the full potential of your solar system from day one.

What do I do with an existing solar system?

Ask the seller for documentation

During the purchase of your new property, it’s important to request documentation from the seller regarding the solar system. This documentation should include the system’s size, the specifications of the panels and inverter/s installed, and any existing warranties or maintenance agreements. This information gives you the system’s functionalities and constraints, and ensures you can maintain and optimise the system’s performance.

Find the right solar plan

One of the undisputed perks of moving into a solar-powered home is the potential for significant energy savings – and never before have energy savings been so important. With excess energy being fed back into the grid, you can also¬†earn money, because “feed-in tariffs” pay you for this excess solar energy. So, selecting an energy plan with the right feed-in tariff and time-of-use tariffs is really important. Consider using a tool like Energy Market or iSelect to compare solar power plans with leading providers like Origin, AGL and Red Energy.

Get to know the condition of your solar system

Buying a house with an existing solar system sounds great, but you’ll want to ensure the system is performing properly before getting too settled in. Not to mention, you’ll also want to know how to use it for yourself! That’s where an expert comes in. Contact your local solar installer for a professional assessment. This assessment can help you understand how your solar system works, uncover any underlying issues and address general maintenance. It’s a good opportunity to discover ways in which you can maximise your solar system, too. Because what works for some, might not be optimised for others. And the best solar system, is designed to suit your energy needs and future growth. If you’re in Tweed Heads, the northern rivers or the Gold Coast, you can give us a call at Quantum Solar.

Increase your savings with a solar battery

If your solar system is an on-grid system (the most common type), then adding a battery can really help you maximise your savings. And, it’ll come in extremely handy during severe weather events and blackouts. Solar batteries enable you to store surplus energy generated during the day for use during peak consumption hours or at night. This reduces your reliance on the grid and maximises your savings. Explore our range of battery storage solutions to maximise solar system.


Moving into a solar-powered home is the perfect opportunity to save on bills, reduce reliance on the grid, and embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle. By following these simple steps and leveraging the expertise of our team at Quantum Solar, you can easily transition into your new home and lifestyle while unlocking the full potential of solar energy. Get in touch with us today. 1300 4 SOLAR.