For those who are caught in the middle of deciding whether they should have solar panels installed at their homes, we are here to help. To give you a better perspective on solar panels and solar panel installations, our team from Quantum Solar in Tweed Heads has put together some of the top things that you can expect from residential solar panels before your installation below.

Solar panels come in different sizes and designs

With the help of advanced technology, residential solar panels now come in various designs and sizes. Because of this, any homeowner in Australia opting to make the switch to solar panels should not find it hard to look for a size and design that should be perfect for their own homes. While homeowners can have a hand at choosing the designs and sizes of solar panels, they should still seek help from professionals for the most suitable design and size of solar panels that can cater to their needs at home.

Residential solar panels are easy to install

Contrary to popular belief, residential solar panels are easy to install. In addition, some solar panels and their systems are designed with easy instructions for a solar panel installation that consumers can do on their own. While homeowners can install their own residential solar panels, completing a solar panel installation is not for everyone. For homeowners wanting to feel more at ease, asking the help of professionals for a residential solar panel installation is a better option.

A solar panel installation requires minimal maintenance

Believing that installing residential solar panels will require costly and time-consuming maintenance, many homeowners are sceptical about getting a solar panel installation at home. With what is required to maintain residential solar panels, many would think that traditional power sources are still the better choice. Thankfully, this is not actually the case since solar panels require minimal maintenance. A regular yearly clean is what your solar panels will need to help them stay in their top condition and performance.

How Quantum Solar in Tweed Heads can help

For homeowners looking to go green by switching to residential solar panels, Quantum Solar in Tweed Heads is the perfect partner of choice. Here in Quantum Solar, we have a team of experts ready to assist you with your solar panel installation needs. For more questions on residential solar panel installation, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today or check us online for a full range of our installation options and other services.