Many Australians dream of living “off the grid”. That is, not connected to the grid of government/private electricity, gas or water utilities. Their reasons for wanting to do so may vary. For some, it will be primarily about money – wanting to be self-sufficient rather than locked into regular payments. For others, it will be about the environment – a desire to live greener, producing sustainable energy at home instead of using even more resources to draw it from elsewhere. And for some Aussies, the dream of living off the grid will simply be about wanting to reside in an undeveloped/unspoilt, often remote location that isn’t currently connected to the aforesaid utilities (where “on the grid” isn’t an option).


The Off-Grid Solar Setup


At Quantum Solar, we can expertly design and professionally install a system for those seeking self-sufficient solar in order to live off the grid. The design phase will include carefully analysing the electricity requirements for your site (throughout the day/week and across the seasons) and coming up with a “load profile”. The installation will consist of a completely standalone solar power system, solar panels connected to battery storage, and with generator backup.


The various components – panels, batteries, generator, etc. – will be specifically chosen to meet your needs. We have previously provided off-grid solar solutions for everything from homes to business to farms, with these systems ranging in size from 5kW up to 600kW.


Benefits of Off-Grid Solar


Living off the grid with a self-sufficient solar setup means you can say goodbye to purchasing from energy companies/distributors. Once you recoup the initial cost of your equipment, your electricity will effectively be free from that time onwards. What’s more, in the example we gave above of residences in undeveloped areas, you’ll be able to avoid the possible additional costs to supply power lines and a transformer, which can be extremely high. The same goes for long-distance cables and other non-standard gear.


A further benefit, as touched on earlier, is you’ll be living a responsible, eco-friendly existence, relying on renewable solar power as opposed to energy that may be produced via fossil fuels – which, as well all know, contributes to both harmful pollutants in the air and today’s huge problem of global warming.


Finally, by going down the self-sufficient solar route, you’ll be protecting yourself against sudden price hikes, interruptions or shortages that may affect the electricity supplies of the energy companies, whether due to economic, political or other instability.


Interested in a Solar System for Your Home or Business?


Quantum Solar can help! Committed to building a better future for the generations to come through environmentally sustainable energy, our expert team has provided custom-tailored solar systems for countless clients from Tweed Heads to Ballina – ranging from residential homes to commercial farms to council power plants. To discuss your specific solar-energy requirements, call 1300 4 SOLAR or use the “rapid response form” located here to book a free solar assessment.