Let’s start by answering the question…

What are Green Loans?

While you will be familiar with the basic concept of a loan, you may not have previously heard the term “green loan”. This is when a financial institution aims to reduce the environmental impact of their investing by lending money only for projects that are ecologically friendly. (It’s also known as sustainable investing.) Since solar power is clean, renewable energy it obviously qualifies as eco-friendly, and related projects tend to be popular with these types of responsible lenders.

What’s the Connection with Home Solar?

In this case, it’s the association between Quantum Solar and green lender Brighte. Thanks to this relationship, prospective Quantum customers may well be eligible for a green loan in order to give them access to more affordable home solar. Residential solar systems are known for paying for themselves in a relatively short space of time, so in many cases the only barrier to consumers is the initial cost – a problem that can be solved by a green loan from a reputable institution such as Brighte.

How Does a Green Loan Work?

Just like any other loan, really. While the details of the arrangement will vary from borrower to borrower, the home solar finance available from Brighte to Quantum Solar customers allows for repayment periods from 2-7 years, with as little as $0 up front.

Is it Worth Getting a Loan for a Home Solar System?

Absolutely. As already noted, these systems tend to pay for themselves quite quickly in terms of reduced bills and, potentially, payment for excess energy put back into the grid. You’ll find some facts and figures about NSW in this earlier blog entry. The point being that from the moment the equipment is paid off, every drop of solar energy collected is a bonus for the household in question.

And that’s not all… It’s easy to focus solely on the money side of things. While budgets are tight and affordable home solar is extremely important, it’s worth remembering that all of the time you are using solar energy, you’re simultaneously NOT using energy generated from finite fossil fuels, which in turn may be further polluting our environment.

OK, So Where Do I Start?

Quantum Solar can take care of everything for you, including organising the home solar finance (if applicable). We’ll design a solar system to suit your property, current energy consumption and future goals; file the necessary paperwork for connections, etc.; and carry out a prompt, professional installation so you can begin your switch to solar as soon as possible and join the two million Aussie homeowners – and counting – who’ve made the decision to go green.

Interested in a Solar System for Your Home or Business?

Quantum Solar can help! Committed to building a better future for the generations to come through environmentally sustainable energy, our expert team has provided custom-tailored solar systems for countless clients from Tweed Heads to Ballina – ranging from residential homes to commercial farms to council power plants. To discuss your specific solar-energy requirements, call 1300 4 SOLAR or use the “rapid response form” located here to book a free solar assessment.