These days, more people are becoming conscious of their carbon footprint and are trying to reduce their negative impact on our planet. By minimising our daily energy consumption, we can not only adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, but we will also cut costs when it comes to energy usage. For those serious about making a change and who have access to the necessary resources, off grid solar may be an ideal solution.

Here at Quantum Solar, one of the services we can assist with is off grid solar solutions. Over the years, our team has become specialists in off grid solar and we would like to share our knowledge with you.

How does off grid solar power work?

Off grid solar essentially means that a property is 100% free from electricity companies and is completely responsible for deriving its own energy. Sometimes also referred to as stand-alone power systems, off grid solar works by using solar panels to capture energy from the sun to generate DC electricity. Generally, this energy will then be fed into a regulator and the deep cycle batteries will be charged.

On grid vs. off grid solar

To better understand how off grid solar works, an explanation of on grid solar may be able to assist. An on grid solar system is the most common type you will find in Australia, regularly used to help power homes and businesses. An on grid solar system does not require batteries because it will make use of solar inverters and will be connected to a public electricity grid.

The benefits of off grid solar

Going off grid can come with many positives for the property owner. Some of the key benefits of making the change to off grid solar power include:

  • When you go off grid, you’ll be making use of clean energy which is greatly beneficial for helping our environment.
  • Off grid solar power will also mean you’re not paying costly energy bills.
  • By adopting an off grid lifestyle, you’ll also get to enjoy the satisfaction of living self-sufficiently.

How Quantum Solar can help

Here at Quantum Solar, we regularly assist our clients with a complete range of solar power needs, including everything required for making the switch to off grid solar. For further details on how we can assist you or to arrange a quote, please get in touch with our expert team in Tweed Heads today by calling 1300 4 SOLAR.