As a business owner, using solar panels for your office, warehouse or factory might seem too difficult or unachievable. Here is the good news though: commercial solar is for businesses of any size. It does not matter if you are running a Fortune 500 company, midsize, or a start-up. You do not have to operate a shopping centre or a giant tech company to see the benefits. Solar systems are useful, which is why many businesses now capitalise on their financial opportunities. It proves that a solar power system can be a part of a strategic decision that guarantees a financial return for the company.


Energy Savings

Most small businesses run during daylight hours. At this time, they consume a considerable amount of power. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, companies typically utilise almost 155,000 gigawatt-hours every year. Of course, smaller companies consume a lot less but using solar can cover 60% or more of the current electric bill. Over time, it can lead to significant savings. You will notice the dramatic reduction in power costs when your bill arrives. If you are in an area where net metering is allowed, you can even earn some revenue due to the excess power you have produced.


Green Approach

Generating electricity from solar energy means your company uses less fossil fuel, reducing pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. But the benefits go further – being a sustainable business doesn’t only reduce your operating costs, but can also be a positive public relations and marketing tool. Research shows that a growing number of consumers make their buying decisions based on companies’ environmental responsibility.


Return on Investment in Three Years or Less

A rule of thumb is that business investments are worthy only if they pay themselves within seven years. Solar systems are even quicker than this standard rule, averaging three to four years instead of seven. Electricity prices will continue to soar over the next decade or even longer. Feed-in tariffs, on the other hand, are getting more attractive. Add to that the high output of solar systems and you easily get an excellent return on your investment.


Increased Property Value

Having panels installed on your roof can add value to your property asset. Your customers or buyers will recognise the benefit of having electricity generated onsite, which will enhance the desirability of the business premises.


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