Here at Quantum Solar, we regularly assist with the installation of solar panels for residential and commercial properties throughout Tweed Heads and the surrounding regions. During our many years installing solar panels, we’ve learnt a lot about optimal positioning and the importance of finding the correct angle for panels. To help you better understand how to find the best position for solar panels, our team has put together a handy guide below.

Solar panel tilt, orientation & positioning: why is it important?

Solar panels will produce the maximum level of energy when the sun is directly perpendicular to them. Therefore, by angling the panels to better reach this position you can ensure that you are achieving the best possible results and making the most out of your solar panels. The same goes for the overall positioning of the solar panels—it is useless having solar panels installed in a position that receives the least amount of sun.

The optimum angle for solar panels

Where in Australia you are located will determine your most ideal solar panel angle. For example, if you are located in or nearby Brisbane, the recommended angle is 27.5° and in Sydney, it is 33.9°. To achieve maximum year-round sun exposure, it is generally recommended that the solar panel angle is equal to the latitude angle of your location. You can easily conduct some online research to find the different optimal angles for solar panels in different locations or simply ask an expert like the team here at Quantum Solar.

The best position for solar panels in Australia

While the correct solar panel tilt can be beneficial, another important element to consider in the direction the solar panels are facing. For best results, the solar panels should be facing towards the equator. So, for those based in the Northern Hemisphere, solar panels should face south, and for those based in the Southern Hemisphere, the panels should face north. Since Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere, most of the sun we receive is directed from the north and therefore solar panels will receive the optimal level of sunlight when facing that direction.

Sometimes a perfect north face isn’t available, in which case we can use a west or even an east-facing roof or a mixture of both. An east-facing roof will gain more light early in the morning, whereas a west-facing roof will not start to operate until later in the morning and work into the afternoon/evening.

Limited roof space and shading problems are not as big of an issue as they were a few years ago thanks to new technologies now available. Here at Quantum, we will have an engineer’s analysis carried out on your roof pre-installation and if necessary, we can use panel optimisers to ensure each panel works to optimal efficiency and maximise the roof space.

Would you like to learn more about solar panel positioning?

The team here at Quantum Solar is here to assist with all your solar panel needs. Backed by years of experience, we have the knowledge and experience to provide reliable solar panel installations and accurate advice. For enquiries on your best position for solar panels or to arrange an obligation-free quote, be sure to get in touch with our Tweed Heads team today on 1300 4 SOLAR.